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1300 Park Ave. Woonsocket, RI     (401) 487-8938

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Quality Custom Picture Framing

Complete custom picture framing with hundreds of frame samples to choose from. We carry a complete line of picture frame mouldings from DonMar, Decor, Omega, and Larson Juhl.                   

"You name it...We frame it!"  

We offer personalized expertise to assist you in designing the most beautiful display for your valued art, photos, prints, needlework, war, sports or antique collectibles.  One that will reflect your individual taste and personality.

We handle everything with the greatest attention to detail and care and use only the finest materials to protect your valuables.


Choose from a wide selection of wood and metal mouldings in many styles and colors. Every frame is underpinned eliminating nail holes in the sides of the frame.


Choose from an extensive assortment of mats, by Crescent, Bainbridge, and Peterboro, in a variety of colors and textures to suit your every need.

Custom mats, such as Multiple-opening, V-Groove, Oval and French-Line mats are available.


Regular Picture Glass - protects framed artwork from dust and pollution, but offers limited ultraviolet (UV) light blocking protection.

Regular Non-Glare Glass - provides the same protection as the Regular Picture Glass without the reflective glare.

Conservation Glass -  provides the same protection as the Regular Picture Glass but also filters out 97% of the damaging UV light rays that cause fading and discoloring.

Conservation Non-Glare Glass - provides the same protection as the Conservation Glass without the reflective glare.

We also offer Conservation Perfect Vue and Anti-Reflective (AR) glass that offer maximum transparency, giving the impression that there is no glass at all, with all of the protective features of conservation glass.

Museum Glass - The highest quality picture framing glass available.  Suitable for framing valuable artwork.


Conservation mounting techniques are highly recommended and used for all valuable items, such as original art, pen, pencil, charcoals, pastels, watercolors, investment pieces, limited edition prints, historical documents, antiques, and sentimental artifacts, as well as items that may need to be in "mint-condition" at a later date.

We also provide Dry Mounting and Wet Mounting services which permanently adhere the image to a mounting substrate (backing board).

Dry Mounting, also known as Heat Mounting, uses adhesives that are in a dry, solid form, which are activated by heat, in our mechanical heat press.  Dry mounting may be used for decorative papers, posters, reproductions, and certain types of photographs. 

Other Framing Services:

  • Canvas and Fabric stretching
  • Glass Replacement
  • Remounting

We mount and frame most anything you'd like, including sports memorabilia, miltary medals, puzzles, and much more...


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